Webinar May 2024

Intranet: the who, what and how

This live webinar covered the key stages of an intranet: from convincing management and intranet implementation and launching to ensuring ongoing employee engagement and measuring success.

We addressed the most common questions and dilemmas faced by intranet managers in organizations. Among other things, we addressed the following:

  • How to make a convincing case for the value of an intranet: What are the key arguments to convince management of the feasibility and importance of the intranet? 
  • What are the first steps in introducing an intranet? Which initial measures and planning considerations are crucial for a successful introduction? 
  • How can employee engagement be improved? What strategies can be used to encourage interaction and ensure long-term use of the intranet? 

The webinar was helpful for anyone pitching the idea to management or looking to optimize employee engagement on the existing intranet.

Robert Ribic
Robert Ribic
With more than a decade of hands-on experience designing and implementing intranets for both small businesses and large enterprises, Robi has made a name for himself as an expert in internal digital communications. Recognizing the changing landscape of the modern workforce, his focus has been on developing software tailored to seamlessly communicate with non-office employees. Robi is dedicated to bridging communication gaps and fostering collaboration across diverse work environments.
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