Customizable content publishing guidelines

Utilize the editor’s features to distribute various types of content, ensuring they reach all colleagues. Design them in the visual style and tone of your company.

Structured and purposeful content

Establish any number of categories and content types to streamline navigation. Define where messages should appear and ensure clarity, enhancing the overall user experience.

Intuitive User Interface

Design attractive content with the drag-and-drop function. Choose from numerous building blocks to enrich your messages.

Multi-device content preview

Avoid guesswork when it comes to the presentation of your messages. Prior to publishing, verify the display of news, notifications, and other content across various devices, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

Managing content creation permissions

Safeguard your content editor by granting access only to those who genuinely require it. Effortlessly manage your team of content creators in one central location, adding or removing members and assigning their editing privileges as needed.

Multilingual support

Compose messages in your colleagues’ native languages to enhance readability and comprehension. This approach ensures a deeper understanding of internal news, notifications, policies, and other vital company information.

Tailored messages for diverse teams

Each department within a company requires unique information for their operations. By targeting specific groups of colleagues, you can ensure that messages reach only those they are intended for.

Content creation with artificial intelligence (AI)

Leverage modern capabilities and utilize artificial intelligence (ChatGPT) to assist in crafting notifications, news, or other internal content. Accelerate your text creation process, solicit ideas, or translate texts with ease.

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