Boosting employee engagement
Interact with sharing, responding and liking

Making Team Interactions Count: From group chats and kudos to polls and news comments, Digital Agora makes everyday interactions simple and meaningful. Dive into a space where everyone can share, respond, and feel part of the team.

Likes and comments:
Feedback at your fingertips

In a team, every voice counts. With likes and comments features on our platform, it’s easier than ever for everyone to share their thoughts and feedback. Whether it’s a simple thumbs up or a detailed comment, every interaction is valuable and adds to the conversation.

Kudos: The currency of online
recognition and connection

Support a culture of appreciation with the ‘Kudos’ system. It provides a platform for team members to express their gratitude, admiration and support for each other. It promotes collaboration and positivity as team members not only focus on their own accomplishments, but also on recognize and applaud the efforts of their colleagues.

Polls and surveys:
Seize the power of feedback

Use the power of feedback to understand the pulse of your business. Use tools such as polls and surveys to gather valuable insights and ensure your strategies, decisions, and initiatives are aligned with the wants and needs of your employees.

The people

Stay connected with an integrated people directory. You can easily search and find every employee in the company, with all their contact details and role information. This directory not only simplifies communication, but also helps everyone feel more connected and makes it easier to reach out and collaborate.

Gain insights into
communications and engagement

With Digital Agora, you can see what works and what doesn’t. You can see how your company employees interact with messages or what activities are getting the most attention. It’s like a behind-the-scenes look at your communications, giving you a clear picture to make things even better for everyone.



Unified communication point for every employee

Nomago is the largest tour operator and mobility provider in Slovenia. It primarily aims to offer each individual or group mobility services that are always readily available, personal and pleasant, and adapted to the expectations of a modern digital society.

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