A digital working environment accessible to all colleagues anywhere, anytime

With a mobile app, enhance employee awareness, engagement, and loyalty. Support efficient work by providing easy access to key information, regardless of job role or location.

Mobile employee app available on Apple Store, Google Play and AppGallery

Regardless of the type of smartphone, employees can easily download the Digital Agora mobile app on their mobile devices. It is adapted for iOS, Android as well as the Huawei operating system.

Company messages at your fingertips

Employees can read internal news and announcements from anywhere, at any time, and keep up to date with changes and news in their workplace.

All colleagues informed

Certain information needs to be passed on to colleagues as quickly as possible. Push messages help to keep employees better informed and up-to-date.

Two-way communication

Through their comments, votes, opinions, and other feedback, everyone can directly contribute to the company’s culture.

Tailored messages for specific groups of colleagues

Colleagues receive notifications tailored to them, such as updates about their pay slips or changes related to their job role.

Easy access to personal e-documents

Documents such as pay slips, employment contracts and annexes are available to employees on the mobile app. They can view them anytime, anywhere and download them to their devices.

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