Glossary March 2024

What are business, employee, company and small business intranet?

An intranet is a private network that is only accessible to the employees of an organization. It’s mainly used for internal communication and collaboration. There are different definitions for different types of intranets, depending on the context or type of organization.

Business intranet

This is a private network designed specifically for a company. It is used to share company information and digital resources with employees, facilitate project management and optimize internal communication. A business intranet can include features such as document management systems, internal social networking tools and custom applications to support business processes.

Employee intranet

This intranet is aimed at the employees of a company. It serves as a central hub through which employees can access human resources, company news, employee directories and work-related tools. It often includes features for internal communication, such as forums, chats and bulletin boards, and can be integrated with external systems such as email and calendars.

Corporate intranet

Similar to the business intranet, the corporate intranet is a broader term that encompasses the internal network used by all members of an organization. It contains tools and resources to support various business functions such as operations, administration, sales and marketing. It is designed to promote information sharing and collaboration between the different departments of the company.

Intranet for small businesses

This is a slimmed-down version of an intranet designed for the needs of small businesses. It is usually simpler and less expensive and focuses on essential functions such as document sharing, internal communication and basic project management tools. It offers small teams a platform for efficient collaboration without the complexity and cost of larger intranet solutions.

Each type of intranet is tailored to the specific needs and scale of its intended users, providing a secure and efficient platform for communication, collaboration, and information management within an organization.

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