Connect and bring together all employees

Adjust your communication with your colleagues and tailor your messages to your needs. Use a wide range of design and functional options.

Diverse content types for presenting information

Enrich your content with video, quotes or a photo gallery and emphasise the importance of each message.

Adjustable look and feel

Align your intranet with your brand to ensure consistent visual communication.

Promoting employee interaction

Utilize various interaction methods and give every employee a voice with the use of emoticons and the ability to comment.

Obtaining feedback

Prepare surveys, questionnaires, quizzes and monitor the response of your colleagues. Export the data, analyse it and make improvements.

Keeping colleagues up to date with push notifications

Ensure timely information for all colleagues, no matter their location. Use push notifications for improved awareness.

With the mobile app, company information is always available

Give your colleagues access to company content from anywhere, anytime. Make sure they always have the key information they need to work efficiently at their fingertips.

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