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Connecting employees for more engagement

Making Team Interactions Count: From likes, group chats and kudos to polls and news comments, platform Digital Agora makes everyday interactions simple and meaningful. Dive into a space where everyone can share, respond, and feel part of the team.

Reaching and informing employees

Digital Agora makes it easy to keep your team informed. It makes sure everyone gets the information they need, when they need it. It's simple and designed with your employees in mind. Stay connected, make better decisions, and help your team do their best work.

Evolving with data-driven insights

Leverage the power of real-time analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of user interactions. By monitoring metrics like clicks, time spent on pages and number of unique visitors, you can gain actionable insights to refine your content plans and strategies.

Build a digital channel
suited to your needs

With Digital Agora, design a platform that aligns with your business goals. Integrate applications, optimize processes, and promote communication.

Our team will ensure that the platform fully adapts to your needs.

Modern Intranet

Unify essential news and information in a single, easy-to-navigate portal accessible to all staff members.

Mobile Employee App

Reach and engage your employees with a mobile app, delivering key updates anywhere, anytime.

Process Platform

Increase the efficiency of your colleagues with optimised and digitised business processes tailored to your needs.

Digital Agora
adapts to you

Start in days or weeks, not in months

Get started quickly with Digital Agora. Our simple setup means you can be up and running in just days or weeks, not months. No more long, complicated installations – we make it easy to start using all the great features of Digital Agora without disrupting your normal business routines.

Choose between data center and cloud deployment

Digital Agora can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, whether it’s deployed on local or cloud infrastructure. You can choose the option that best suits your organization’s unique needs and preferences. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth implementation and hassle-free experience.

Tailor the platform to your needs

Choose Digital Agora for its flexibility. It’s easy to match it to your company’s look, pick the features you need, and even digitalize your unique business processes. With Digital Agora, you get a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Trust us to deliver outstanding product support and care

We’re here to help your organization succeed. With personalized help from setup to ongoing support, we’re with you all the way. Trust us to give you top-notch assistance, so you can make the most of Digital Agora and let your organization shine.

Our customers
about us

Read what our customers think about Digital Agora and how their work processes have changed with the help of our product.

“We are proud of building our employees' digital experience on our digital platform mi.Mercator. We have set it up as a single point of entry where employees can access their apps, work plan, documents and training.”

Tina Zafred,

Head of IT Operations and
Product Manager of mi.Mercator, Mercator

“Using this communication solution, we were able to connect people at different locations. We increased employee engagement and improved company loyalty this way, which allowed us to achieve our initial objective.”

Borut Puklavec, PhD,

Director of IT Strategy,
Nomago d.o.o.

“When I discovered Digital Agora, I knew it was the solution to our challenges. In addition to the platform's functionalities, it was crucial for us to have a good relationship with the provider's team, as we believe that both a good product and a good relationship are the foundation for the success of a project.”

Irena Intihar,

Human resources director,
Automatic servis d.o.o.



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